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2014 Acura MDX

Here comes the all new Acura MDX which is a seven seated luxury sports utility vehicle that has more improved driving experience and upgrade engine specifications. The engine has been designed with lots of new specialties and functions helps in delivering high performance and also fitted alongside some of the new and demanding safety features. The most import and essential key features that comes along with the car are its all new injected and delivered 3.5 liter 24 Valve that comes along six cylinders. The i-VTEC® valve train has been featured with variable Cylinder management system delivering new dimension and specialties with their all new engine.

Apart from all that the car also features with Computer controlled Direct Injection or DI system that comes along with multi whole injectors for superior performance and services. The engine has been reconfigured and designed with six speed automatic transmission that has a sequential sport shift system and also available with super handling and the all wheel drive system. The either feature that comes along with this model is the active control engine systems and the active noise cancellation systems. The grade logic control system helps in improving the overall performance to a great deal.

Apart from all such engine specifications the car has been featured with special feature and details that help sin providing the all new sports fit automatic system and there are necessary safety and security aspects when it comes to the car design. The car switches from 0 to 100 kilometer per hour in quick stance of time and this has given the demand for this entire new model which account for all driving comfort and pleasure. The car wheels are fitted with 19 inch alloy wheels that gives an all new look and dimension to the whole system alongside other applications.


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