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2014 Fiat 500L Beats Edition

Fiat has launched the all new version in the market and the car has recently featured in the Geneva Motor show. The car looks quite amazing and is amongst the compact but well designed and technological powerful cars that are available for its fans. The brand is quite expected and getting good response from the brand and hopefully the will be satisfied with the customer of the result and reviews. The car will go on sale in Italy this week and this will definitely get customer round other countries right on their toes. According to sources the car will be available in other counters after few months time.

The all new Fiat 500L has been featured with 1.6 liter Multi Jet II Turbo diesel engine and it has been tangles with another 1.4 liter T Jet turbocharged motor that works in gasoline. This helps in giving superb mucilage and power towards its performance. These are some of the extra and awarding performance that is provided by the brand. Both the engines delivers around 120 Horse Power and the torque generated by the model is around 320 Newton Meter alongside the gasoline which delivers 215 Newton meters. The overall torque levels that are generated by both the engines are 320 Newton meter and the gasoline on deliver as around 215 Newton meter.

This high performance engine and power helps in delivering superb mileage an also speeds up the car in no time. According to expert the car take 10.7 seconds to rise from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour and this is the best part that comes along with this model, the fuel consumption arte is around 4.6 liter per 100 kilometers and the emission rate is of 159 grams per kilometer which is quiet impressive and this is its advantage as well.


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