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2014 Subaru VIZIV-2 Concept

The year has been quite good as there are some top models being launched and all comes along with latest feature and specialties. Here is another original model that comes with its unique and quite different concept and this has two doors and four seated future technology feature that has been show cases with this all new Subaru VIZIV- 2 concept and the car has been featured in Geneva Motor show. The car has been inspired form its vision of innovation and there are some technological features that are new in the market and this are all new and unique in its own senses.

The car has been featured with a4.4 meter long concept that has been given to support the urban style and good for active life styles. Apart from that the car is featured with 1.6 liter turbo diesel direct Injection engine that has been featured with three electrical motors. There is a new damper system fitted with the car and it will help the car is reducing the vibrations, alongside the engineers have ensured that the machine can be reduces with the overall weight and greater steering feel with linear steering response. This feature adds up with its demand and specialties from its competitors.

The car has been featured with a hexagonal front grille at the front and this is separated by a rear lamps that are much wider and broader form other contemporary models. This gives the car an aggressive looks and quit different in the outset as well. When it comes to the safety and security features this are quite normal and stylish as well. The car engine helps to deliver superb performance and good driving comfort for its customer. The experts are also giving good envies related with the car and hopefully this will definitely give the customers a good option.


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