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2014 Volkswagen Taigun Concept

Volkswagen is bringing the all new version of Taigun Sports Utility Vehicle concept at the all new Auto Expo which is all set to be help in New Delhi in the year 2014. The most defining and attractive features of this model is its compact dimension, luxurious and attractive interiors, an effective and efficient engine and the mounted extra wheel. When the present model is compared with its first concept which was presented in Sao Paulo the new model has an exterior mounted wheel. The vehicles appearance, trim parts and wheel arches alongside the LED spotlights at the roof makes it quite unique and attractive.

With this model the car manufacturing company Volkswagen is bringing for the users the knowledge of luxurious and most stylish compact sports utility vehicles at a convenient and cheap price. The styling’s, layouts and surfaces together constitutes a new appearance which is at its positive side. The upholsteries are orange and anodised with aluminum accents which give it interiors fresh and good contrasts. The price is also within budget and it makes it quite affordable and stylish for all the car enthusiasts. The new model from Volkswagen is all set to get launched in the market in coming year and hopefully will get a good response.

The four seated Volkswagen Taigun comes with 1.0 liter TSI engine that gives an output power of 81 kilowatt or 110 PS. The total fuel consumption of the car is 4.7 liter per 100 liter. Even the emission is also manageable and is 110 grams of carbon di oxide per kilometer. The three cylinder petrol engine adds direct fuel and injects it via turbo technology. The car is completely efficient and it is very light in weight and fuel efficient as well. The maximum torque that is generated by the model is around 175 Newton meter and at the rate of 1500 revolutions per minute.


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