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2015 Fiat 695 Abarth Biposto

The all new Abarth 695 Biposto has recently featured in the Geneva motor show and there is got lot of attraction and also attracted customers for its new version which is all set to amaze the customers. There are some expensive and whole new features that come along with this new small hatchback model. The car will mark the 50th anniversary and the car has been given the tagline as the fastest street legal Abarth ever on the streets. The car has been featured with 18 inch alloy wheels and this are specials tires that comes along with OZ rims and has a rear titanium roll over the Poggipolini system.

According to the inside sources from Abarth the car is quite high and deliver an impressive performance. The engine has been featured with all new 1.4 T Jet engine that delivers are overall output power of 190 horse power which is quite extensive and high for such midsized cars. The car also switches from 0 to 100 kilometer pr hour in just 5.9 seconds making the most reliable and demanding hatch back models., the top s[peed of the car has been found to be around 143 miles and it is around 230 kilometer per hour.

The Abarth features with all the safety and security feature and this makes the car a model to reckon with. There are all features such as automates cruise control, anti barking systems, sensor for parking and also blind pot detection systems, side and front back bumpers to protect the system and also there are side skirts. The spoiler are designed and made in such way that it can impress the drivers and allow them to drive freely on any road conditions. The 18 inch alloy wheels gives a new look to its model and the weight is also quite low enough to effect the comfort and performance of the car.



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