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2015 Lamborghini Asterion Hybrid Concept

Lamborghini is one of the ultimate names in the world of luxury sports cars. It was established in 1963 by Ferruccio Lamborghini. He owned a successful tractor and agricultural equipment company and was also interested in cars. He considered Ferrari, then a top name in sports cars, to be good but not great because he felt they were too noisy and not suitable for the road. But when his suggestions to EnZo Ferrari fell to deaf ears, Ferruccio Lamborghini decided to build his own brand to compete with established brands like Ferrari and Mercedes. The company is currently owned by Volkswagen group through its German subsidiary Audi. Lamborghini cars are among the most expensive cars in the world and are held in esteem for their high level of performance and eye catching design.

At the 2014 Paris Motor Show, Lamborghini unveiled the concept car, ‘Asterion LPI 910-4’. This is a very important concept model as it is the first ever Lamborghini that comes with a hybrid powertrain. When it comes to design, the new model is angular in shape and comes with a Elektra blue color. It runs on carbon fiber wheels, 20 inch on front and 21inch on rear and wrapped by Pirelli tires. The two seats in the car are placed a bit higher than other Lamborghini’s for increased comfort.

The Asterion concept runs on a combined powertrain of 5.2 liter V10 naturally aspirated engine with power output of 610 HP and a total of three electric motors that produce extra 300 HP power. the powertrain is paired with a seven-speed DSG transmission. As a result this model is Lamborghini’s most powerful creation with a mind boggling power of 910 HP or 669 kW. This mighty hybrid machine goes from 0 to 100 km/h in lightning fast three seconds and has a max speed of 199 mph or 320 km/h.


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