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2015 Mini Cooper

Here is the all new Mini Cooper from all new brands and BMW and the car is amongst the smallest and luxurious cars that are on offer for its customers. The main focus that comes along with the vehicle is its safety and security feature and this has been given the first priority. There are new high need technological feature and specialties that comes along with the body and this are enough to provide that security and pleasure to the customers. Apart from that the car has sporty, comfortable and also practical enough for the users.

The car falls in the category of hatch back and its base price has been sorted at 17,900 Euros an it is basically a hatchback car that has been offered by reputed car manufacturing company BMW. The fuel tank capacity of the car is around 40liertsr and it is providing a luggage capacity of around 7.5 cubic ft. the maximum number of passenger that can fit into the car is around four and it is quite comfortable as well. The new MINI Cooper is powered by an output of 85 KW or 116 Horse Power and it is a 3 cylinder diesel engine.

The engine has been powered with three cylinder twin turbo engine that has a displacement of around 1.5 liter and it delivers around 134 horse powers in total. The car comes with transmission of six speeds and it is completely manual. The overall torque level that is generated is around 162 lb-ft and it rotates at the rate of 1250 per revolution in a minute. The maximum speed of the car is around 131 miles per hour and it speeds up from 0 to 100 kilometer per hour in just 7.9 seconds. The maximum or the top speed of the carries found to be around 210 kilometer per hour.


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