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2015 Volkswagen Scirocco

Volkswagen has recently revealed and brought into market the all new VW Scirocco which is designed and manufactured keeping in mind the older generation models. The older version of the model was first launched in the Geneva Motor show and it was exactly 40 years back. Now the same model is featuring in the show and there are lots of new modifications and changes that have come cross the car. These are much in pleasure to the users and customers who are expecting to get a good model from the brand. There are lots of innovations changes make and in comparison to that forty years and this are quite phenomenal.

According to sources the car has been featured with four cylinder engines and this gives the car and improved performance and driving comfort, the car gives up to 162 kW or around 220 PS of power and also comes with the modern day facility of stop and start buttons that works in the battery mode as well. The performance of the car is quite enhanced and it works with TSI petrol engines and diesel engines as well. The overall ranges and performance of the brand is quite different and various as well. The output power generations are 92 kW / 125 PS to 206 kW / 280 in its different varied models. These are quite exciting and good for its class.

Moreover when it corms to the fuel efficiency and emission the rates are quite normal and this is must in toady time. The foil comfy factor plays an important role and also the emissions. There are sufficient safeties and security features that are added with this new brand and this are all enhanced and best to its abilities. Hopefully the user will get to see much more compared to its previous models and the state of art technology adds an all new dimension.


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