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2018 Maruti Swift Features and Photos

Maruti Suzuki has laid down all necessary arrangements to officially launch the long time awaited 2018 Maruti swift, it is going to transform the motor vehicle industry a big is expected to be the beginning of engine revolution. The 2018 Maruti swift is expected to be fuel efficient, to be spacious enough and nimble more than the current generation swift. This appears to be the biggest launch from martin swift in japan.

Design exteriors

The 2018 maruti swift has a very big difference compared to the former model. The entire model is an improved design, where the changes include new LED lights and a bumper on the front end. Its features in the exterior that makes it stand out are its LED lights and efficient bumper.

Interior Design

2018 maruti swift has extra qualities in its interior too, the steering wheel is flat bottomed, touch screen display at the central of its console. It has a modern arrangement of the dashboard and also up to date bits. Its gear is also as new as the other features in the 2018 maruti swift.

Safety features

This swift comes with a long list safety package. The new features comprise lane departure that offers warning of any harm,it also has double sensor brakes support, it has ability to notify the driver of a preceding vehicle, false start suppression that can reduce risks of theft. The 2018 maruti is the kind you need this century.

Engine specifications

Maruti swifts comes powered by same pair of diesel and petrol engines, it however has the biggest enhancement with introduction of swift RS variant which is powered by 1.0litre booster challenge. Among other features in the engine are CVT automatic gearbox and 1.2 litre four cylinder dual jet petrol engines.


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