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2021 Honda electric car e details and photos


Honda e is the first electric car to be introduced by honda in Europe. Its price starts from £29,470 for 100 kW motor output to about £32,470 for advanced models with an output of about 113 kW. It  is likely to have its first delivery in UK ,Germany ,France and Norway by summer 2020.
Simple in design focusing more on safety .model is provided with side camera mirror system . this replaces the conventional side mirrors with compact cameras providing live images to two 6 inch screens inside the car. This  adds more to the safety features along with style and refinement .
The  vehicle has got a distinguishing smooth contour  providing a extravagant look. Another  feature is that  the car has got a full width digital dashboard occupied by dual 12.3 inch LCD  touchscreen and connected speaker systems which makes the drive more enjoyable . this 5 seater car has  the modern passenger cabin made of contemporary materials.
The vehicle is provided with 35.5 kWh battery ,which takes the vehicle 220 km in a single charge. The battery is fast charging , recharges to about 80% in 30 minutes .honda e reaches about 100 km/hr within 8 seconds as it is equipped with high power electric motor with 2 power outputs of 100kW or113 kW
Honda e connected services  accessed  via touch screens and can also be activated  through voice commands to engage with the Honda Personal Assistant service. This unique system is activated by saying “OK HONDA”  followed by question or instructions . has ability to understand individusl voices to give accurate responses .
The vehicle can be connected via remote through My Honda + smart phone application. The mobile services include security and location monitoring , climate control ,easy navigation ,detailed vehicle condition report .  additional functions include battery charge control and range monitor ,while charging station and navigation search results can be sent to the car from a mobile phone .the car can be locked and unlocked by only the smart phone application .

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