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Holden reveals 2015 VF Commodore

Australian auto maker Holden has a unique background history. It was founded way back in 1856 as saddle manufacturer. Later it became an auto manufacturing company in 1908 under the leadership of Edward Holden. The company was taken over by General Motors in 1931 and the company became known as GM Holden. Since then it has run the operation of General Motors in the region of Australia and New Zealand. Apart from selling rebadged GM cars from other brands like Opel, Chevrolet etc Holden also builds some models in Australia as well. However GM will be stopping all Australian productions in 2017. But before that Holden is still brining out new versions of its models.

Recently Holden revealed the 2015 model year ‘VF Commodore’. The ‘Commodore’ is available in sedan as well as station wagon body styles. While there are no significant mechanical changes, there are several styling tweaks in the new version. Two new body colors are introduced- Jungle green and Hot red. Other notable additions include- new 19 inch alloy wheels, electronic power steering (optionally mounted with paddle shifters) and stylish Jet black colored interior. In 2015, an option for a black roof will also be available for select models.


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